The Company Benefiting from Coronavirus

Many companies have closed their doors for good, victims of Covid 19. One company, though, is going gang-busters.

Docusign, a digital company in San Francisco that allows users to sign documents remotely, digitally, is now worth more than Ford, E-Bay, and Best Buy.

CEO Dan Springer, on CNBC, says they have signed more clients in the first six months of this year than they did in all of last year. What began as a convenient tool in the real estate trade has found a new place in all business, and the resource will likely change the way business is done from now on.

“And they say it’s so much less expensive. It’s so much better for their employees, and their customers. Everything works so much faster in the speed of business we don’t think anyone’s going back,” he said.

Shares in the company have soared more than 170% this year.

“You think about people in financial services. A lot of government agencies are doing more, at all three levels, state, municipal as well as federal,” Springer told CNBC.

They are adding “docusign notary” which will allow all parties to be remote when notarizing documents.

Photo: Getty Images

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