Supreme Court confirmation hearings set to begin

Just a few weeks after her nomination by President Trump, Hearings in the Senate to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court are scheduled to start today.

Democrats have promised to fight this, and Sebate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham says that would be a bad idea.

"Democrats will have plenty of time to ask her hard, relevant questions. If they try to destroy her it will blow up in their face like it did with Kavanaugh," Graham told KTRH's Sean Hannity on Fox News.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz says Dems have a motive to delay and obstruct.

"They want to pack the court and fill it with political cronies. It would destroy the independence of the court, and it really is a radical vision," Cruz said.

In the end Louisiana's John Kennedy says 'ACB' will be confirmed.

"My guess is we will finish the confirmation hearings and vote before the election," Kennedy stated.

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