Left's freakout over Trump Tweet shows how they use fear to control you

If you didn't think the left uses fear to take and keep power, you haven't been paying attention.

Just look at how they have handled COVID-19. The shutdowns. The mask orders. And then there was the reaction to the President's Tweet that we should not be afraid of COVID 19. Joy Pullmann with the Federalist says that caused a full on freakout.

"If I had spent this much time reacting to everything he does with that level of emotional instability I would have had a heart attack by now," Pullmann said.

And the reason for their reaction, she says, is that if you aren't afraid of the virus, the left can't keep their power, and keep you shut down.

"We should take COVID seriously. Fear isn't a prudent response," she stated, adding that the shutdowns aren't either.

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