Pence Harris have less bombastic debate

If you were expecting less bombast than you got last week in the debate between President Trump and Joe Biden, you got that last night. Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris did not repeat the bar room brawl we saw in Cleveland.

Instead, what you watched last night was 90 minutes of the candidates making their case to the American people.

We knew that Harris would come out swinging, and we also knew Pence would fight back with what the Trump Administration had done. But U-H's Jacquie Baly says pence surprised some people with how he did it.

"Pence brought on the policies and called Kamala out on a lot of the nonsense that she continues to spew," Baly stated.

Political scientist Allan Saxe says this debate was completely different to what we saw last week between the President and Joe Biden.

"It was civilized and disciplined. But they both evaded questions, and they both were very strong on certain issues," Saxe said.

The next debate is between Trump and Biden .. scheduled for next Thursday in Miami.

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