This is how concerned the federal government is about voter fraud

The federal government is so concerned about voter fraud and other violations that the FBI is getting involved.

They now have a command post and a prosecutor to monitor complaints and/or threats. Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation says that is telling.

"It is a sign of the potential problems that we will have. Absentee balloting is vulnerable to fraud, and there will be a huge increase in absentee balloting this election," he explained.

Fraud that he has seen himself, up close and personal.

"The Heritage Foundation has a database of 1,300 proven cases of voter fraud from across the country, and this isn't even a comprehensive list," von Spakovsky said.

Von Spakovsky also told us a friend of his got five ballots in the mail; three for people who don't live at his residence. So, he says you should be worried about what could happen in November.

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