Pence, Harris set for important VP debate tonight

The Vice Presidential debate is normally viewed as an afterthought in the election. Not this year. Not tonight.

That is because of President Trump's health, Cal Jillson at SMU says the Mike Pence-Kamala Harris showdown could be like Game Seven of the World Series.

"There may be no more Presidential debates. But, these debates usually don't turn people's thinking," Jillson explained.

Rudy Giuliani told Fox Pence has plenty to go after Harris about.

"He will bring up her record as a prosecutor, which was weak. I think I can judge that," Giuliani stated.

Jillson says Harris could come off looking bad if she goes into attack mode.

"Harris is going to pour it in on. Pence is more laid back. But what he says is as damning as he can make it," Jillson said.

Coverage on KTRH, and the iHeartRadio app starts at 7.

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