Leisure Travelers are in Demand!

The airlines' loss of business travelers is the leisure traveler's gain! Business travel is so far down that the airlines are losing $5 billion a month.! Airline expert Jay Ratliff. "The thought is, 'We're going to have to basically go after the people who ARE flying and right now it's more leisure than it is corporate. They're rolling out some pretty interesting incentives to try to get people in their seats.'"

Unfriendly Skies: Pandemic Slams airline Industry

They are offering deals so good you should snap them up. Ratliff suggests you visit airline web sites regularly to check prices. Airlines post their specials very early in the morning. "You want to check it early in the day --- and all of the sudden you see the flight you want is $99 --- ROUND TRIP!!! Wooooo...Now you know you're looking at a deal! Grab it that minute because it's not going to be there long!" Booking a cheap flight for months in the future is great because your ticket value will hold.

Leisure passengers being wooed by airlines

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