The closer we get to Election Day, the more the race tightens up

The closer we get to November third, the more that Joe Biden's lead in the polls seems to be shrinking.

In fact, a team of Wells Fargo Securities analysts predict Trump will catch up to Biden in the polls, which doesn't surprise Brandon Morse at Red State.

"They are called the silent majority for a reason. They don't really talk about who they are voting for and why they are voting for them for a reason. They don't really talk about specific issues to pollsters," Morse explained.

But they exist, and when it starts showing in the polls, Morse says you can bet the mainstream media will go on the attack.

"They are just going to give Biden every bit of help that they can to make him seem more popular than he actually is," Morse said.

Or, Morse says they could go another way, and ignore what is happening completely.

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