Texans/Vikings Game is On for Sunday

A couple players and few staff with the Tennessee Titans tested positive for Covid 19 and that potentially put the Texans’ game Sunday against the Vikings in jeopardy. The Vikings played the Titans last weekend.

The teams have been testing this week and the Vikings report no positive results so the game is on.“ As of this moment we are a go for the Texans game on Sunday,” says Sports Talk 790’s Chris Gordy, tongue somewhat-in-cheek referencing the tenuous commitment in what has been a season marred by abrupt changes. “As of this morning the Vikings have received zero positive results from all their tests.”

That could change, but we’ll go with it for now. This will be the first home game for the Texans with fans in the stands. “They’ve capped it at 13,300 people, which may sound like a lot but it’s roughly 20-25%, which is what a lot of stadiums are doing nationwide.”

If you’d like to go, Gordy says that could be doable. “Last I heard tickets are still available. If fans are interested check the Texans website and see if you can get in, but as of now they’re expecting 13,300.”

Photo: Getty Images

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