Veterans Urge Governor Greg Abbott to Reopen VFW Posts

Veterans across the state are still calling for Governor Greg Abbott to allow Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) posts to reopen their doors.

VFW locations have remained shut down for the better part of six months. Most are closed because they make more than half their revenue in alcohol sales, which restricts their reopening under the Governor’s COVID-19 order. Texas VFW State Legislative Chairman Mitch Fuller says the state restrictions are weighing heavy on veterans who socialize or get counseling at their local post. He says the non-profit is not considered “essential” under the order, while other businesses, like nail salons and strip clubs can reopen with limitations.

“C’mon man, if strip clubs can be open in Texas, than VFW posts can be open. That’s absolutely absurd because I promise you we do more for the community than strip clubs do,” Fuller said.

Fuller says they are in talks with the governor's office, but no deal or compromise has been reached. He says some VFW posts across the state may have to shut their doors permanently if Abbott doesn't allow the state to fully reopen soon. Many Texans believe it’s time the governor allow all businesses to reopen.

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