Space Tourism: Fact or Science Fiction?

Space flight tourism: Is it real - or Science Fiction? It's going to be expensive, but for former NASA Mission Control Crew Member Jim Oberg says that Space Tourism is on its way! "We're at the point now, when somebody could pay SpaceX or pay the Russians tens of millions of dollars for an orbital flight. Straight 'up and down flights' are supposed to be starting any month now. "

Oberg says this is nothing new... Russia has been selling seats for decades. "Back in the '70s, they started flying East Europeans and other Soviet Block country residents on spare seats!"

Still, Space Tourism sounds like a theme of a Science Fiction Novel - but it's real. Why else would SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and others be competing now for their market share? Oberg says they are getting ready. "What's happened with these private groups is they are going for the Up and Down flights. Virgin Galactic has flown the Space Ship 2 with the company's non-astronaut Director of Tourism!"

Wealth Manager UBS predicts the industry will be worth 3 billion dollars in the next decade.

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SpaceX Going into Space Tourism

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