Democrats may be flipping on the idea of early voting

Well that didn't last. Democrats once said the only way to vote during the pandemic was by mail. Now they are singing a different tune.

For months all we have heard from the left is that it's not safe to vote in person. But Stacey Lennox at PJ Media says they seem to have done a 180 on that.

"They are telling people who have received a mail in ballot to take it to the polling station or to vote in person," Lennox stated.

In fact Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says she was voting in person. If you're wondering why this is happening, well, let's just say voting by mail isn't going very smoothly.

"As many as 140,000 people in New York got the wrong ballot. Their name is on the outside of the envelope, but another name is on the inside," Lennox explained.

And Virginia voters are already turning out in record numbers for early voting, and the push to do that started before the first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.

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