Mainstream Media Attacks Amy Coney Barrett Because She’s Catholic

The left is trying to find ways to bash President Trump's pick for the Supreme Court: Amy Coney Barrett. However, liberals aren't attacking her intellect. They’re attacking her faith.

“Catholic extremist”

“Fervently anti-abortion”

“Cult member”

Those are just a few ways some have described Amy Coney Barrett. All simply because she's family friendly and a faithful member of her church. Political scientist Allan Saxe at UT Arlington says Democrats have crossed the line.

“Years ago, we used to attack people for not believing in God. Now, we attack people for believing in God, in a particular way, and that’s very dangerous,” Saxe says.

He says it's hypocritical because the mainstream media applauds Joe Biden’s Catholic faith when it’s politically convenient. However, many outlets failed to mention he was denied communion by a priest in South Carolina in October of 2019 last year because of his pro-abortion stance.

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