Houston Jury Duty Postponed Again

Jury trials in Houston are pushed back again to December 1. Legal Expert Chris Tritico says it wasn't exactly caught up before Covid. "With the Supreme Court Orders regarding Jury Trials getting extended until December 1. The back-log will take us up to 40 months to get through it! Remember that new cases are being added every day. It's a disaster ready for the making."

"We were still working through the Hurricane Harvey back-log and just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel from that." Tritico says this is especially hurtful for victims of crimes who are still waiting for their cases to make it to the docket. "You have to first work through the people who are in jail, presumed innocent, who are awaiting a jury trial. Then you have to start working on the people who are out of bond."

The court is still open for other proceedings. Keep up with the updates on the courts' website.

You can find continued updates on the courts' website

The court is still open for other proceedings.

No Jury Trial Til December 1, 2020

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