Covid’s Lasting Effects Depend on Party Affiliation

The nation is split almost 50-50 on guessing whether the changes that have been made during the Covid 19 pandemic will be long-lasting or will temporary.

Political affiliation and age seem to be the two biggest determining factors in a new Pew Research study.

“We found that young adults ages 18 to 29 are more likely than older Americans to say their lives will remain changed in major ways,” says Amanda Borosso, a writer and editor at Pew Research who focuses on social trends. It is those with the least career experience and most inclined to work in the service sector who have seen savings eaten up as work disappeared and find themselves back living with mom and dad.

Of all people who responded, the split was 51% who think changes are permanent and 48% expecting normalcy to make a comeback.

The split by political party affiliation was the most dramatic.

“Democrats and those who lean to the Democratic Party are more likely than Republicans and those who lean Republican Party to say their lives will remain changed. 60% Democrats think that vs. 40% of Republicans,” Borosso tells KTRH News.

Among those who don’t think normal as they knew it will return, there is a propensity to be racially ethnic, lower or middle income, female, and reside in an urban or suburban area.

photo: Getty Images

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