Is it the Flu or COVID-19? Health Officials Warn of Possible “Twindemic”

Medical professionals are hoping the COVID-19 Positivity rate in Houston continues to drop. That's because the flu season is fast approaching.

Health officials warn of a possible “twindemic”. Surges of both COVID-19 and the flu at the same time. Many won't know which they have at first. Dr. James McCarthy, Executive Vice President and Chief Physician Executive at Memorial Hermann Health System, says symptoms for both include fever, cough, and chills.

“Those initial symptoms are very, very similar and not easy to tell apart. Whether it’s influenza or COVID-19, it could be either one, and they need a test to determine, at that point, which one it would be,” McCarthy said.

The tests are critical because public officials (at the city and county level) also run the risk of confusing COVID-19 with flu cases. Doctors advise you to get a flu shot (if you are able), and implement social distancing principles.

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