A Few Good Covid Volunteers Needed to Help U.S. Military

This is urgent: bookmark this link: https://www.covidplasmatrial.org/

The United States military is funding the study of a potential preventative treatment for Covid 19 that is revolutionary in its thinking and breathtaking in its implications to help US troops, especially Special Forces.

The idea is to see if convalescent blood plasma, that is blood plasma rich in coronavirus antibodies, given to someone who has just received a positive test for Covid 19, but is having mild symptoms, can prevent them from becoming sick.

There is no preventative measure developed to date that can stop the sickness before symptoms develop. The clinical trials are being administered by Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, and is being conducted in Houston by UT Health Sciences (Hermann Memorial) and Baylor College of Medicine.

The plasma is administered on an outpatient basis.

If you would like to contribute to mankind and help develop a brand new approach to the treatment of Covid 19, you are asked to get a Covid 19 test, and if the result is positive, immediately go to the link above and register for the clinical trial. They’ll set you up at the closest location for you. They are asking that asymptomatic people living in a household with someone who has tested positive sign up for the study. Again, they are looking for preventative measures and want to test if this can limit spread.

Someday the product of what is being learned today could be given to Navy Seals and Army Rangers before they deploy, or given to shipmates if a naval vessel contracts a case. Let your imagination run wild the national security implications.

The key is to getting people to sign up to volunteer immediately after a positive test result is received, as well as all non-symptomatic members of the household.

Regardless of your age and circumstances, this is a very significant service you can give to your country and a way that you can serve the men and women who volunteer to protect and defend our liberties.

photo: Getty Images

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