Good News for the Laid Off and Furloughed

Good news for the laid off and furloughed. This holiday season is predicted to be huge for retailers - mostly because people say they need the comfort of celebration and buying presents. That's good news for temporary job hunters. Michelle Castro with Workforce Solutions says many jobs run from October through December. "We are seeing in-person sales positions and we're also seeing positions for drivers, order pickers and forklift operators for warehouses that service online sales." Castro says customer service jobs also include work from home opportunities.

Texas Retailers

Castro says added income is only one of the benefits . This work will also help you when you're applying for your next permanent job. "In this job market - that is going to be competitive for some time - you're going to be able to prove skills like teamwork, customer service, adaptability, motivation and value." Those are all attributes that job givers love to hire, besides the ones listed on the requirements form!

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2020 Holiday Sales Job

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