Democrats have game plan for November, which includes voting by mail

There is actually a game plan that Democrats are using to try and steal the election.

The playbook comes from a group named the Transition Integrity Project. Gary Polland of the Texas Conservative Review says a key part of this plan is vote by mail.

"Votes keep coming in after Election Day. They can get their allies in Democratic cities to find or harvest vote by mail," Polland said.

Last month interim Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins asked Governor Abbott to extend the deadline for county election administrators to receive to Nov. 9th.

"That is because they need to know the numbers they need to steal," Polland explained. "Our voter roles in Harris County have not been cleaved up in years. We have a lot of people on the rolls that have left Harris County."

Both sides in the campaign have put together legal teams for the possible fight in court after the election.

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