Yes - We WILL have Holidays The Year!

The craziness of 2020 is already legend. Children are disappointed they couldn't have birthday, graduation or even 4th of July parties. Parents want to make it all better.

Good News: We know we're still going to have holidays this year because manufacturers of holiday items like Halloween yard signs and Christmas decorations tell us all of that stuff is flying off the shelves! Shopping guru Shopping Shanda says it makes sense to her! She says families saved money canceling their vacations and want to make even Halloween the best ever. She feels parents are yearning to make something "normal" this year for their families. "Anything related to any kind of holiday is selling like gang-busters...because 2020 has been such a disappointment"

Shanda says we need comfort! "Holidays are a comfort to people. Anything that can bring comfort to a family - they're going to latch on to that! Parents are justifying spending more money on these things because a lot of families are thinking 'we gotta make something good out of this year - so we might as well finish the year off with some comforting things.'"

And, by the way, Halloween oriented companies are making costumes to conform with Covid regulations and special signs for social distancing community trick or treating!

photo: Getty

Halloween decor flying off shelves since August

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