Millennials Have Reached a New Record

Over half of American Millennials are now living with their parents!

Family psychologist Dr. John Huber says he's not surprised. "The kids in that generation were not being driven to independence. I think that's why we're hearing a lot of this "socialism is a good thing" from that generation."

Covid is making things even tougher for independence! Dr. Huber knows college students who will be taking online classes and feel they could do it as easily at Mom and Dad's and not pay rent. Dr. Huber adds that even if they wanted to be on their own, "There just aren't a lot of those college-kid-type jobs such as waiting tables being a nanny. A lot of those jobs that are perfect for college kids are being taken up by older people who have been laid off from their job. Those jobs are not options that are available to our kids today."

Dr. Huber makes a solid point that the parents may not want them to go and feel they are safer under their parents' roof. "I can hear parents say, 'Will they be safe on their own? 'Will they follow anti-Covid directives?' 'If they do get Covid-will they follow protocols or wind up being one of those people in a hospital?'"

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Parents worried their Millennial won't be safe outside their home.

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