NFL kicks off tonight, but will social justice messaging hurt league?

The Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs start the 2020 NFL season tonight. But you'll have a heavy dose of social justice messaging mixed in with your football.

There will be social justice messaging on the field and on players helmets. Herschel Walker told Fox News he's afraid it won't be balanced.

"I hope it's not slanted to support only the Democratic side. You have to bring both parties together," Walker said.

Columnist Jason Whitlock says the NFL shouldn't be doing this.

"The NFL has nothing to be ashamed of. The NFL is a great story about race in America, Whitlock said on Fox Sports Radio.

Eric Trump tweeted the NFL is "dead." Former NFL Player Jack Brewer with Black Voices for Trump told KTRH he's won't watch.

"They make business decisions. It is a business. I personally won't be watching," Brewer stated.

Kickoff is at 7:20. The NBA, with their social justice campaign, has seen a 20% TV ratings drop from last year.

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