Covid-19 Helping Hackers

Working from home is making hackers happy. Cyber Security is suffering due to many American workers transitioning to working at home. Security Specialists are being re-tasked to do other IT work to accommodate the switch. "Scamicide dot com" editor Steve Weisman says Cyber Security Specialists are needed now more than ever. "The hackers are hacking into the people working from home and through them getting into the companies for which they work. It's coming from large scale cyber criminals and countries like China and North Korea."

Weisman says this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for hackers. And they are not just looking for your credit card information, either. "They are even hacking into companies that are working to develop vaccines. --- It's not as bad as you think: It's WORSE!"

Cyber security pros are in very high demand now. Weisman says it's definitely the career of the future. "Companies are looking for it. Governments are looking for it. There are more and more colleges that are providing programs for it."

Be sure and follow your company's security protocols closely.

Hackers Getting to At-Home Workers

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