Covid-19 and Good Car Sales

Covid 19 appears to be good for the auto Industry. Jerry Reynolds the Car Pro says people are tired of not seeing each other and don't want to fly or use mass transit. Reynolds says road tripping is in! "I know a lot of my listeners have told me they have bought S U Vs so they could go on a road trip - TOGETHER - to go see Grandma! Couple that with some very cheap gasoline and you've got a safe, fun trip for the family!"

He says new cars are selling fast. The popular vehicles come into a dealership on one day - and go out the same day! So they're not really developing any inventory on those trucks and S U Vs.."

Coronavirus VS Cars

And used cars are in demand. He says once inventories up, incentives will return. Car manufacturers are back to making new cars.

Dealers were forced to lay off non-critical staff and upped their car-selling presence online. "Overall, car dealerships are getting LEANER as far as business goes. And that's good for them! Dealer profits are higher than they were before Covid.

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Family Road Trip in New SUV

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