Going to San Antonio Labor Day Weekend?

It may be too late to get into The Alamo for Labor Day Weekend, but the attraction is open again to visitors for the first time in about six months. The Shrine of Texas Liberty reopened on Thursday after being shut down because of the pandemic. Visitors can make reservations online, but staff at the Alamo Visitor Center will help people get a time slot. The Alamo is also doing live virtual tours via Zoom at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. A tour guide will answer questions during the virtual tours.

But there are some other events in San Antonio this weekend, such as the Beer Festival at Sea World. They are having a beer festival during Labor Day Weekend until September 15, with lots of good drinks as well as food and live music at the park.

There is a Labor Day Artisan Show offering a lot of works by local artists and crafters. There are pieces of clothing, graphics, clothes, and more to give you and your home a spark of uniqueness while you celebrate local artisans.

And for music lovers, especially Jazz, the there is Doc Watkins appearing at Jazz TX.

photo: Getty Images

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