Wall Street preparing for all election outcomes, especially volatility

Wall Street is getting ready for all possible outcomes when it comes to the 2020 election.

And by all possible outcomes, financial educator Derrick Kinney says we are talking about the chances of having no clear cut winner. As a result, watch for some wild swings.

"We are likely to see intensified volatility through the election, and that means it doesn't end on November the third," Kinney said.

Joe Biden could contest the result. Mail in voting could delay results as well. So what should you do?

"Even if there isn't a clear cut winner, you need to prepare for your portfolio to be volatile, especially those people who may be closer to retirement," Kinney explained.

Kinney says the last time we approached something like this was the 2000 election. Even though it did impact Wall Street back then, Kinney says, but this would be on a different level because of how much things have changed culturally and with technology.

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