Presidential Polls Delay Reporting Trump's Gain After RNC

The Trump campaign is noting a bounce in poll numbers after the Republican National Convention. However, much of the mainstream media chose not to report it.

Right after President Trump's convention speech from the White House rounded out the RNC, many presidential polls went radio silent. Rasmussen Reports, which puts out daily presidential polls, noted its competitors didn't update their numbers. Political strategist Ryan Cassin says it doesn't surprise him.

"The media is acting as a voter suppression tool of the left by not reporting polling or by delaying polling," Cassin said.

Many of those polls finally updated their numbers the week after Trump's speech.

"The problem with the polling we are seeing even in 2020 is that the pollsters in many cases are making some of the same poor assumptions that they did in 2016. Oversampling Democratic turnout, under sampling Republican turnout, using registered voter models as opposed to likely voter models," Cassin added.

Rasmussen, for its part, noted Joe Biden's national lead over Trump shrank after both parties conventions.

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