Bargain Shopping is the Norm

Discount shopping is as much a sport as a necessity these days. More Americans are turning to discount retailers than ever before. Popular discount stores are seeing revenue surges. Shopping Guru Shanda Cortines explains.

"When Coronavirus hit, a lot of stores were left with all this extra stock that they had to get off their shelves. The discount places wound up doing very well because they were selling discounted merchandise that was left-over from the higher-end stores. In order to keep seasonal merchandise on the shelf, higer-end retailers off-loaded their unsold items to discount stores" Shanda doesn't think this is just a trend...she says discount shopping is becoming the norm. "With unemployment at an all time high, people are trying to be more money -smart and buy things that are good quality - but less expensive."

Bargain Calendar

She says consumers are really benefiting from that. The retailers are swimming as hard as they can just to keep afloat. However, discounted merchandise stores are reporting their highest online and in-store sales ever."

Shanda feels strongly that serious bargain shopping will be here for a long time...many people are preparing for an uncertain future.

And once you go cheaper, it's hard to go back.

Discount Stores Doing Great

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