Whole Foods wants to say goodbye to cashiers

Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods isn't good for cashiers. The tech giant plans to make humans running the registers obsolete in the upscale grocery stores.

Workplace culture expert Josh Evans says it makes sense.

"Companies have an obligation to their shareholders and to their customers to adapt and to improve their organizations to be not only more profitable but also to help keep costs more appropriate to what they're selling."

Evans says lots of jobs are disappearing because of advances in technology.

"Travel agents, professional photography development, toll collectors, bowling alley pin setters, lamplighters."

There are nearly three million grocery store workers in the U.S. and 91,000 of them work for Whole Foods; cashiers average $14 an hour.

Evans says don't look at it as a negative; try to see it as a positive.

"Any time you have a new technology there's gonna be a need for people that can help maintain that technology, help clean that technology and these are all opportunities for new jobs. It's not the loss of a particular job, it's an opportunity to learn a new trade or new skill and involve yourself."

Evans says technology often eliminates human jobs and we always find new work.

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