Were shutdowns, mask orders, and classroom closings really necessary?

There are some people who think that the more we learn about COVID-19, the more we realize that mask orders, shutdowns and other restrictions were not necessary.

We already knew that the more you test the more positive cases you find. And research from China tracking 305 people with close contact to someone sick found only one person got infected with COVID-19.

"People are diving in to the information and realizing that we have been controlled, played and pushed around," political analyst Debbie Georgatos said.

It's all about power. And the desire that officials have for that power is not going to stop just because of science.

"I don't expect instant reaction. I think people are people are invested in the idea that this is dangerous," Georgatos explained.

And, she says they don't want to give up any power that they've gotten through the pandemic, either.

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