President Trump in Texas

President Trump visits the "Texas Golden Triangle:" Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange today. He first toured the even more devastated areas of Louisiana of Lake Charles and Sulphur. In Texas he and Governor Greg Abbott were joined with local area officials, FEMA administrators and first responders.

His first comment was to acknowledge the devastation in Louisiana. His comment, "This time Texas was a little bit lucky." He praised Texas for its smooth running communication and cooperation between local, county, and state governments and how well they all get things done together.

Governor Abbott gave a brief report:

  • The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has multiple mobile units engaged to make sure they are going to be adequately able to travel to all the impacted areas. They will make sure if there is any type of an environmental situation, it will be swiftly contained."
  • There were over 10,000 evacuees that are in shelters and 3300 hotel rooms. The Texas Division of Emergency Management is tracking more than 2200 shelter residents who are from Louisiana.
  • We have 19 points of distribution set up in the impacted region with things like water, ice, MREs while their power and water systems remain inoperable.
President Trump listening about Hurricane Laura

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