Racial Reading: Libraries Push Radical Book List

If you thought some quiet time at the library might be a good way to avoid all the political tension in the world, think again. The woke culture has now made its way into the bookstacks and Dewey Decimal System in American libraries. The American Library Association has gone all-in on left wing racial politics, putting out a statement apologizing for "its role in upholding unjust systems of racism and discrimination" and promoting an "anti-racist reading list" filled with radical anti-police and anti-white sentiments.

The books on the anti-racist reading list include those pushing for abolition of police, reparations for slavery, and the theory that all white people are inherently racist by birth. Many libraries are also offering similar lists aimed at young children. Community leader Tex Christopher has fought library politics before, when he took on the Drag Queen Story Hour at Houston public libraries. "Tax-funded libraries have no business entangling themselves with our money and their ideology," he says. "There's just no place for a library to do that."

"Libraries are a house of knowledge, where we're able to go and get all the information without being censored, and not having someone else's point of view shoved down our throats," says Christopher.

Christopher warns the left's encroachment on every aspect of society will only continue unless others like him join the fight. "They will go ahead and they will push their agenda unless we the people say enough is enough," he tells KTRH.

"We all know that united we stand, divided we fall," says Christopher. "The last thing we need is the libraries to come in and create division."

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