Old Farmers Almanac Predicts a Mild Texas Winter

The 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac has published their 229th edition, and we should have a mild winter ahead. “In your area of the country winter will be milder and dryer than normal, you’re going to watch for cold periods in mid-November, early to mid-December, and then in late January,” suggests Sarah Perrault, Senior Editor. The Texas panhandle is the southern point of a swatch of frigid weather that lies ahead, but the Gulf Coast can look forward to little ice and less precipitation than normal. Maine and areas in the northeast have frigid days ahead while Florida looks gorgeous.

Temperatures in September are expected to average a comfortable 72 degrees.

We can also breathe a sigh of relief about hurricanes this season. They had forecast that we’d have one. “Yes, I checked 2020 and we didn’t have any other storms forecast,” Perrault told KTRH News on the heels of dodging a bullet with Hurricane Laura, which impacted Louisiana far worse than the east border of the state. “And I looked at 2021, and we didn’t see any storms forecast ahead for this time.”

Nothing can be more welcome to the ears of a Texan. The 2021 Old Farmers Almanac is now available.

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