Laura didn't hit Houston, but Houston is feeling some post-storm impacts

Houston was spared from the worst of what Hurricane Laura had to bring to the table. But the area is feeling some of the impacts after the storm.

Rolling brownouts will continue in several Houston area counties including Galveston and Montgomery, as Entergy crews work to restore power to areas like Jefferson and Orange counties. Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough said it was necessary.

"They risk losing the whole thing if they don't do this. As soon as they can solve the problem we will be back in business," Keough told Jimmy Barrett on 950 KPRC.

Power outages seem to be the worst of the damage. The city of Port Arthur said there was nothing "catastrophic."

At least six people died in Louisiana. There was one unconfirmed death in Texas.

"That is a miracle," Governor Greg Abbott said. "Everyone had the same phrase. We dodged a bullet. This could have been far worse."

As a result of the rolling power outages, three school districts are closed today; Montgomery, Conroe, and Spelndora.

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