Texas Wineries, Distilleries Say Governor’s Restrictions Killing Business

Wineries and distilleries across Texas say they won't make it through pandemic if they don't get some help soon.

Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order closing bars is also forcing Texas winery and distillery tasting rooms to close. Now those business owners fear they won't survive an extended shutdown. Brian Heath, who owns Grape Creek Vineyard in Fredericksburg, Texas, is one of many lobbying the governor not to treat wineries and distilleries the same as bars.

“Wineries tend to be more daytime hours. The wine tastings tend to be more of an educational experience. The nature of most of the wineries is not a place where there is a lot of [COVID-19] spread risk,” Heath explained.

Heath says in parts of central Texas, wineries being forced to close has a negative effect on the wider economy.

“It has been very clear in this, that when the wineries are shut down, the tourism in our area really drops off, so we have hotels that aren’t as full, we have restaurants that don’t have as many patrons, we have shops that aren’t selling as much. So it really has this domino effect,” Heath added.

If you are interested in learning more, or possible helping their businesses, visit Save Texas Wineries or Help Save Distillers Who Helped Texas.

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