Robocalls Preying on Texas Covid Fears

The amount of robocalls made to Texas residents is staggering.

“Texas actually ranks number two in the country, behind California, about 130 million to date. Houston and Dallas are the top two. Dallas is slightly ahead,” says Jim Terrell with Transaction Network Services, a global managed-data company.

Have you noticed more of those annoying calls? There were about 2.6 million placed just last month alone to Texas residents.There was a slight pause in the calling behavior of the con-artists as they adjusted to the Covid pandemic, having to transfer from large call centers to remote work from home, same as their innocent victims.Terrell says they know the buzzwords. “Whether it be a contract tracing scam, or a stimulus check scam, or fake cures, etc., they’re very good about becoming topical and sound convincing to be able to try to defraud people of their hard-earned money.”

The Federal Trade Commission reports more than 126,000 incidents of fraud committed in the first half of 2020, amounting to around $70 million in losses.

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