Zombie Employee Business Apocalypse

With so many people working from home, employee boredom is a growing problem. Work "burn out" is now replaced with "bore out. " One more side effect of Covid is employee boredom. Business Leadership expert Valerie Sokolosky says mediocre managers could learn from the great ones. One example. "They have very structured, well organized and well run Zoom meetings. They start their meetings with a smile and a question for their staff, 'How ya doin'?" They are just 'humanizing' their communication with their people. Sokolosky says a good manager can avoid this by staying in touch with their staff one-on-one. "Just saying, "hey, person to person, what's going on in your world?' is a very good start. People are not 'working beings,' they are 'human beings.'" Asking a staff member what would make their job more interesting and acting on it will help shoo away Zombie Employees. Staff should also take the initiative to ask their boss for a more vital project.

Texans are Really Hard Workers!

Sokolosky also says employees should take control of their job. She says, "If you're an employee who's bored, and want to keep your job, then summon up your courage and ask your boss for an interesting project that will keep you engaged." Hitting up the boss for more responsibility is always a good thing.

Valerie Sokolosky is the author of Do It Right

Business Bore-Out Causing Employee Zombies

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