Happy Harvey Anniversary! Here are 2 More!

On the third anniversary of Hurricane Harvey Landfall, we have 2 storms in the Gulf at the same time, Marco and Laura. Is this really a rare occurrence? Former Director of the National Hurricane Center (and past Channel 11 meteorologist) Dr. Neil Frank illuminates: "It's not common - and it is unusual to have two storms that come in so close together. However, we've had times with 2 storms have been much closer together."

Dr. Frank says an extremely busy hurricane season can form one hurricane right after another. It could be worse --- we could be living in 1886. "The most active hurricane season that we have ever experienced in the United States was in 1886, when seven hurricanes made landfall. Four of them were in Texas, and two of them were major." . Dr. Frank says the U.S. had 21 named storms in 1933 and 27 in 2005.

17 Federal Agencies Working Harvey Recovery

He says don't let your guard down anytime soon. "We have an active hurricane season in 2020...and when you have an active hurricane season you get storms like this lined up all the way to Africa!"

Marco and Laura

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