It can be a social media ice box for conservatives

A recent poll found a majority of Americans agree the social media platforms censor political viewpoints, particularly conservative ones. And a majority of Americans say they're tired of all the political posts on social media.

Media critic Professor Jeff McCall says it's hard to know what you can say.

"Even after all the Congressional testimony and whatnot, we still don't really know how Facebook or Twitter make their decisions as to what to flag or take off their sites."

Professor McCall says some of the censors and fact-checkers may think they're doing the right thing.

"The truth is fleeting for a lot of folks and what some people identify as accurate information might be considered inaccurate to others."

Professor McCall says many are tired of politics on social media because if you type the wrong thing, you might get cancelled.

"There was a time when you could sit down over a cup of coffee and just trade ideas about what the political climate was like, but it's hard to do that anymore and particularly hard to do that on social media where anonymous people can start raging against you and make you feel uncomfortable and nobody really wants to put themselves through that."

Professor McCall says Twitter and Facebook frequently cave to the social justice warrior mobs.

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