EYES ON GULF: TD-14 has eyes on TX, LA; Tropical Storm Laura Moves West

All eyes are watching the Gulf of Mexico, as there are a pair of tropical systems that will probably be in the Gulf by early next week.

The one closer to Texas is 'Tropical Depression 14" which will be named Marco once it becomes a named storm" Jack Beven at the National Hurricane Center says impacts will be felt early next week if the current cone remains as it is right now.

"The center of the system will possibly move into the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, and possibly moving inland, or upper Texas/Southwestern Louisiana sometime on Wednesday," Beven said.

So, how strong will the system will be?

"It will most likely Category 1 over the Northwestern Gulf. The upper level winds at the moment do not appear ideal for a big hurricane at this time," Beven explained.

The Hurricane Center is also watching Tropical Depression 13, which became Tropical Storm Laura early Friday. That system could impact the eastern part of the Gulf, anywhere from the Florida panhandle to Louisiana. Beven says there is potential for the two systems to interact with each other, which could change the forecast. Both are expected to make landfall Tuesday or Wednesday.

Photo: National Hurricane Center

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