UPDATE: Double Trouble in the Tropics???


Tropical Depression #14 has formed over the west-central Caribbean Sea. It's one of two depressions we're tracking.

TD #14 could impact Texas as early as Monday of next week.

The depression has become better organized with winds near 35 mph and is expected to move west at near 20 mph, then drift northwest toward the Yucatan this weekend. The depression is expected to become a tropical storm later today or tomorrow. Effects in Texas could occur as early as Monday and continue through Wednesday.


You might want to keep an eye on the Gulf of Mexico over the next few days.

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring a pair of disturbances. 'Invest 97-L' is the one that's closest to the United States and Gulf of Mexico. There is also 'Tropical Depression 13,' which could become Tropical Storm Laura later on today. Jack Beven with the National Hurricane Center told KTRH this morning it's possible the Gulf of Mexico could wind up with a double whammy.

"It could be that both systems wind up in the Gulf of Mexico. It's just too early to tell right now," Beven stated.

Beven says Invest 97-L will be the more likely of the two systems to make it's way into the Gulf. But whether or not it actually develops into a named storm has yet to be determined. There is no track for either system as of yet.

There is also a third wave that the National Hurricane Center is monitoring that just came off the coast of Africa. But Beven says it is way too early to know anything about that area of disturbed weather as of now.

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