Beware the Unsubscribe Button

Emails are flooding the inboxes of politically active or curious Americans of all political stripes, and crooks know that.

They have a plan.

Cyber security specialist Kevin Campbell, CEO of a data management firm called Syniti, says beware.

“Unfortunately they’ve become tricky at using the ‘unsubscribe,’ because they know you’re getting so many of them that you’re going to hit unsubscribe. They have a malicious link there that is going to capture your credentials,” he explains.

The better move, Campbell advises, is to block the sender’s future emails.

“Don’t use the “unsubscribe,” just block the email. Different systems have different ways to block the emails, and go in and block any emails from the sender,” he says.

The hackers could download malicious malware on your system if you hit any links. It’s best to just block them all.

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