CDC Research Suggests Continued Lockdowns Leads to Mental Health Problems

New data from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows another lockdown and stay-at-home orders would be emotionally devastating for millions of Americans.

Having to stay home for extended periods is taking its toll. As the pandemic has led to an increase in anxiety, stress, depression and suicidal thoughts. The CDC reports one in four young adults (ages 18-24) reported seriously contemplating suicide within the last 30 days. Doctor Eric Storch with Baylor College of Medicine says feeling isolated is one of the reasons why.

“Losing jobs, lack of certainty about the future, career goals being curtailed or having to be put on pause. I think these are some fairly unique stressors that can compound existing mental health problems,” Storch said.

He adds those stressors can also lead to new mental health problems in individuals who have never reported issues before the pandemic.

The study may give reason for policymakers in several states not to re-impose another lockdown amid another potential wave of COVID-19 cases this fall.

Storch also notes a spike in substance abuse since the start of the pandemic. He urges you to reach out to a doctor if you are experiencing severe anxiety or depression. He says you're not alone.

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