Democrats using forced isolation to take power

If you're the Democrats, and you want power, COVID-19 may be just what you have been hoping for.

The pandemic has led to shutdowns. It has led to forced isolation. No one is really going anywhere they don't have to go. Republican strategist Luke Macias says this is leading to a liberal power grab.

"The more you keep people separated, the more they are willing to be controlled. Politicians are taking advantage of this opportunity to grab more power for government," Macias explained.

One of the ways this is happening is keeping information from you. Macias says he knows doctors who have been frustrated by big tech censorship.

"Their own Facebook pages are being banned or taken down because they are sharing their own front line accounts of what is happening," Macias said.

And those first hand accounts may not be as dire as the mainstream media would have you believe.

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