'Looney Tune Level': Chaos Won't End With Election

2020 has brought us the wildest election year and campaign season ever, but don't expect everything to go back to normal after Election Day. In fact, buckle your seat belt for even more madness. With the American left going all-in to hurt the economy through continued business and school shutdowns, while radical activists riot and destroy property in American cities, one can only wonder what they'll do if they win...or if they lose. That has prompted some analysts to deem this "The Apocalypse Election."

Melissa Mackenzie, publisher at the American Spectator, agrees that regardless of who wins in November, the craziness will continue. "As chaotic as things are right now, it's going to go to looney tune level," she tells KTRH. "Among all the influences on the left right now it's already gone kind of crazy, and if (their leaders) don't deliver to the crazy, there's going to be more crazy...but if they do deliver, there's going to be counter-crazy."

And for those who think the angry mob can be placated, Mackenzie has bad news. "The threat is we'll stop the madness if you'll just elect a Democrat, but I don't think that's gonna be the case at all," she says.

As for what led us to this craziness, she believes it's a product of a series of events over the past decade that have shaped the core of millennials and gen Z, from the Great Recession to the COVID-19 pandemic. "There's been just a confluence of social, cultural, and economic events," says Mackenzie. "And then you pair that with people not going to church anymore and no moral framework...somebody's gonna be your God, and the government will be if you don't go to church, and that's what's happening."

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