Democrats Launch Texas Vote By Mail Drive

The Texas Democratic Party is still trying to expand the vote-by-mail option to include all Texas voters.

The issue came up with a court case in May when Texas Democrats requested that fear of contracting Covid 19 allow voters to request a mail in ballot. The Court ruled that a failure to have immunity cannot be considered, but failed to define what constitutes a disability, leaving open the possibility that any voter can determine, based on their health, whether they feel they qualify to vote by mail.

In Texas on Monday Democrats launched a Vote-by-Mail Fund to support the biggest vote-by-mail program in the state party's history.

The first phase of the program will target senior Texans, those 65 and older, who unquestionably qualify for mail in ballots, in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and El Paso. The next phase will focus on South Texas and rural areas.

photo: getty images

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