Trump benefits from pushback on the left in new polling

You're not hearing about it, but there has been pushback on the left. And it's benefiting President Trump in polls (that you aren't hearing about either).

There have been more than a few pro-police rallies the mainstream media is ignoring. There are more rallies against COVID restrictions. Political analyst Dan Snell says you had to expect this.

"When you get so aggressive. When you attack Trump for five years, people get tired of it, and so there is going to be a pushback," Snell said.

There are also more polls showing the race isn't necessarily Joe Biden's to lose. Snell says now is the time to start paying attention to them.

"There's always a bump for both parties after their conventions. When we get into September we will really see what the truth is," Snell stated.

The Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll is the first big media poll to show Trump with a lead over Biden, by 48 to 46 percent.

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