New Trend: "Doom Scrolling"

If you find yourself un-friending social media acquaintances more than ever... you're not alone. Rising tensions between social media users is bringing on "doom scrolling." Many Americans are changing their social media habits and practicing it --- and just not reading angry posts. Texas Tech Popular Culture expert Rob Weiner explains: "If they find a post that is negative and they're just tired of it...they're just going to scroll over it. That's not surprising."

This year, people are taking a break from social media

Many people are taking Facebook and Twitter breaks. He adds, "People are getting fed up with social media in general. They are just tired of all the Doom and Gloom that's coming out." Weiner's advice is just to keep your posts civil and if possible, kind...and watch out not to copy/paste too much. "It may not be the whole story. That's one of the main problems in social media. Weiner says if you're stressed, don't take it out on your Facebook Friends --- go for a walk instead.

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'Doom Scrolling' on Angry Social Media

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