Here's the real reason Democrats are making the push to vote by mail

Democrats keep pushing for mail-in balloting. But they aren't giving you the real reason why they want it.

That real reason, according to the American Thinker's Brian Joondeph, is because they know there's no way the post office can actually pull it off.

"A big part of this push is that the postal service certainly won't be able to handle it. They can't handle mail delivery during the normal course of things," Joondeph explained.

And when you consider the reports that the Postal Service was considering closing offices because of financial problems, Joondeph says the motive becomes even more clear.

"They want to tie things up. They get a few friendly judges to put stays on counting the votes. All of a sudden there is no clear winner in the Electoral College and Congress has to pick the President," Joondeph said.

And if Congress is controlled by Democrats, you could see a radical, socialist type of pick.

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