Cheering for voter fraud

It's just this simple: those advocating an all mail-in ballot election are hoping to cheat. Don't believe the reports from the national media claiming there's no evidence of voter fraud with mail-in ballots.

Ask Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation.

"Liberals seem to think this will make it easier for them to win elections; it'll make it easier to cheat."

Von Spakovsky says many states have laws that allow what's called "ballot harvesting."

"Anybody can show up at your front door, pick up your ballot, and then deliver it."

Just two years ago republicans were caught trying to rig a North Carolina Congressional race with fraudulent mail-in ballots.

"That gives access to your ballot, a very valuable commodity to candidates, campaign organizations, party volunteers, political guns for hire -- all of whom have a stake in the outcome of the election."

The media also insists there's no difference between mail-in ballots and absentee ballots but that's a lie, too. Absentee ballots have to be requested. In some states mail-in ballots are sent without solicitation to every address on the voter rolls.

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